With decades of experience, we develop and manufacture transformers in 40VA-630kVA power range based on the individual needs of our partners. We provide excellent quality, competitive price and 2 year warranty to our customers.

Trafó-Győri Ltd.



Our company, previously called Szitaprint GMK, was founded in 1985 as a family business, its main profile was sieve printing, and from 1988 welding machine production entered into the range of activities. We’ve started to produce transformers in 1992.


We develop and manufacture transformers based on our customers' specific needs. During the development we take into account all the valid standards and we prepare the related documents for production.


The entire process of transformer manufacturing is carried out by a qualified team, from design to construction, from 40VA to 630kVA power, produced for many areas of industry.


We undertake reparation of oil insulated and dry transformers, conventional and gas-shielded welding machines, even as onsite service. We provide a guarantee for the repaired parts as well as for the new devices.